Alexander Boltz

Hello! I am an Undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin interested in User Research.

I am a double major in Sociology and Political Science. I started my college experience in an Entomology (insect) lab, but quickly learned that I wanted to focus on people.

Currently, I am a part of two different ongoing research labs.

  1. I am a research fellow with the JJ Pickle Undergraduate Research Fellowship within the Department of Government at UT.
  2. I am a research assistant with the Twitter Misinformation within the Disinformation and Misinformation Research Network at the UT School of Information.

You can learn more about my work in these labs below.

Research Background

More About MeMy Resume

Selected Projects

Vote! App
UX Research and Design
Twitter Misinformation
Human Computer Interaction
Technology Legislation
Political Science

I am always looking for ways to gain experience in the field of user research.

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